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Playground is your local social beacon
With it you can broadcast internet links to others nearby. You can carry and locally share your instagram handle, youtube channel, facebook page, personal web sites, apps, or any other internet links with people around you, sitting right next to you, or currently hearing you speak.
Playground transforms the world around you into your own personal playground, where you can interact digitally with people everywhere you go!
STOP being asked your snapchat, instagram handle, or how to spell your website! Just let everyone know you are LIVE on Playground and let them see a curated list of your social links, internet links, AND MORE!
Showcase youself!
Show what you are all about, where you are, when you need it!
Let people know you are present.. YOU are there!

Playground aims to be the discovery platform for every smart city, where residents and visitors can digitally discover the internet being locally developed and shared.

Discover Your Community

Get to know more about the people and places you meet and visit daily by interacting with them on Playground.

It's Your Broadcast

It's about what you want your community of peers and fans to see and engage with. Be bold and share your internet success, no SEO required.!

All In Your Control

It's your image. Take it live, offline, share 1 link, 2 links, or 0. Playground puts YOU in the driver seat

Local Technology

Discover the technologies that people and businesses in your neighborhood are embracing to create smarter experiences.

Cross Platform

Whether you are on your laptop, phone, or personal computer access and share local information on Playground from any device

Complete Privacy

Playground does not store your location history and only shares information which you make public to only those within your share radius.

Building a Smart Community

Unlock and explore the exciting things everyone around you is building online

By interacting with others locally and digitally we can use our local online efforts to live, share, and grow together as a digitally connected community.

Take A Look!

Playground aims to be the easiest and most convenient way for you to get instant access to information being shared around you. Discover your Smart City by exploring the area and meeting great people!


Local Online Engagement

Engaging with an audience locally helps create a level of trust different than the one ended interactions on the internet

Live Local Online Presense

Present yourself instantly to your local audience and communicate what is most important at the moment

Local Empowerment

Discover other smart cities and the people that empower them

Local Experiences

Explore your favorite places locally and engage with their online technology instantly

Local Social Tool

Interact with the people and places that make up your smart community

Local Community Management

Build a smart community that works together to grow together


Discover your local community in an entirely new way and showcase yourself like never before

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With Playground you can walk around smart cities and interact with the businesses and people that built them.
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